5 Big Mistakes Bloggers Make is a Lesson For New Blogger

Mistakes Bloggers Make, doubtful what mistakes bloggers make? Either You have just entered the world of blogging or you have been blogging for a short time and things don’t work out as you expect. Might be common mistakes most beginners make like me you and others. So it’s time to understand what mistakes bloggers make so we can track ourself and learn from them. So it will be worth to spend some time here so as a blogger here you would know your mistake and will tend to improve satisfying yourself. Your experience should make it hard to enjoy that mistakes: Blogging!


  • Diving in (rather than wading in)
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Loses focus
  • plagiarizing
  • Ignores the reader


One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make and are still making, including me. Thinks of starting a blog is a easy yeah it is easy but not for long term. You need to spend time you cannot make sudden dive to achieve high you need to wade so as to achieve at a good position. So before starting blog just make a note of few things mentioned below:

Find a focus for your blog, read more You are talking about and enjoy writing about what you have and do you know what interest which indicates that an attention. No topics are off limits: example science, politics, sexual orientations, comedy, exercise,diseases, diet, etc.

Dozens of different blogs take time to read: you have to get an idea of appealing colors, graphics and layout note. In addition some bloggers are dense and others are brief and to the point, note that read more some are just chatty and entertaining. So make a point to get to choose a personal style for yourself as a blogger.

You can use your real name or your blog might want to, how this controversial issues and publicly identified with their opinions you want to be is your stance on what at least depends on several factors.


Unrealistic expectations mistakes bloggers make

Another big blogging mistake is You expect instant results come to blogging: Do you intent wondering for a large reader class and many complimentary comments, and when you don’t get you’re disappointed. Thousands of blogs trying for the same audience. Patience and perseverance are required on your part. You write well, find a unique place to fill your posts to your blog readers and intermittently appealing titles and comments (some of which are complimentary) will be promoted. Do make mindset that you’ll get tons of visitors at once! It’s not the case!


<img src="Lossing-Attention.png" alt="Losing attention no focus mistakes bloggers make">

If you have started your blog having a particular reason to do. Since blog is a topic to express your and their (reader) views or maybe it could be a daily activity to a close circle of friends to communicate with might have been. Readers who have come to blog for the first time may or may not be interested in either your subject or your style or your theme and style might be might not be appalling for them to revisit your blog. So care should be taken from the beginning itself so that maximum people who first visited your blog revisits without losing attention to your blog.


<img src="Stop-Stealing.png" alt="mistakes bloggers make Donot Copy Others Content">

This is the worst mistake many new bloggers make. There are some great bloggers out there and as you surf through their blog you find really well there, As same was with me. It feels like pitting the same in your blog with something resonated that some might find. Or you may simply copy them without giving credit to your blog, so be aware do not paste any words from there work. You have to do it in your own words to write, if it is about writing and add your own thoughts and feelings, the better you write it and then decent, you mention the idea where and provide a link. Always think of creating not stealing the moment you think of stealing your creativity gets suppressed and you are not more creative.


For whom you are writing ? Ask this question to your self ! Either for the readers you are sharing your experiences or might be writing for the bots who will pay you. Now see other way round if you are writing for your readers they will love to visit again, will share your site post among their friends and circle you’ll develop a relationship and this will pay you in long terms. But now think if you are making a blog for money will your reader will read because the content that you will provide will not be rich in quality will not make a sense since you are not writing for them. In the end your blog will have no visits and thus no money. So always prioritize your readers who are actually your real earnings.


<img src="ignoring-reader.png" alt="worst mistakes bloggers make Ignoring Readers">

It’s not just a mistake bloggers make commonly. Don’t ignore your readers! because they are the one Who will read your blog comments whatever; Some readers will agree with you and admire your insight to while some readers will take one point and criticism. People exchanging ideas and to express their points of view, the only reason that they own the blog to leave comments on the blogs of others. Always respond to your readers ‘ comments; Read and comment (even serious critics) and then to their comments, as appropriate, Thank you for taking the time to respond. You have ignored your comments your readers may end up ignoring my blog. So never ignore any reader !

Over You Blogger Here!!

If you’re new to blogging or have made any such mistake don’t worry just realize correct it. So mistakes If you as a blogger made any other mistakes blogger make other than I’ve discussed do share those in comment section and how you over come those errors. :)

Note Blog originally post in 2015, update today!


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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