6 plus Great Niche Ideas for Your New Blog

Going to start new blog ? Well I guess by now you might be aware of what actually a blog is and if not find meaning of blog, blogging blogger out. If you remember from a blog, it’s really not a bad idea, but I would like to ask a question who your audience is ? Your online business like any other business must be based on a particular niche, a segment of society. These are some important things to know before starting a new blog.

So Today I’m going to share Here are a few niche ideas you can begin, it is also the eyes too much open other niches that you never imagined.

6 plus Great Niche Ideas for Your New Blog

1. Relationships:

<img src="relationship.png" alt="Relationship Niche">

Relationships are an important part of human life, believe it or not, we all are emotionally bound by the bonds known as relationships. If you are good at advising or can explain quite easily about the relationship issues problem and then solution, you must adhere to it. There are more sub-niches under the big umbrella “relations”niches like find out:

– Singles advice.

– Dating.

– Married Consulting

– sexuality in marriage.

– divorce counseling.

– Divorce Dating

The list is endless of course. So all depends on you how you categorizes this category.

2. Sport:

<img src="sports.jpg" alt="Sports Niche">

Personally, I’m not an athlete, but if you like a bit of sport, you can pick a sports related niche , you can pick up any sport. As mostly people love to read the stuff related to sports. Or if any one is willing to start a new game then he or she could search about the rules and regulation about the way and how it is actually played. This Niche also give you a wide sub niches to start a new blog quite peacefully.

– Football

– basketball

– Baseball

– Rugby

– Tennis

Any kind of sport at all. You can also go to areas such as pick an arbitrator, a fan, an athlete who is most important part of it, to be creative. Or the style the sportsmen wear. It’s vast.

3. Food:

<img src="foods.png" alt="Foods Niche">

Ahh Can’t resist to eat my favorite food once i find it and how good it will be if I know how to cook it or what are the ingredients require what are their benefits what consumption should it be taken. Does it affect health or build muscles. So you have to agree with me that the food business is a big business, you can write to:

– Eating Habits

– Diet

– Recipes.

– How to prepare meals

And much more..

4.Working from home:

<img src="work-from-home.png" alt="Work From Home Niche">

The phrase “work from home” was made popular worldwide through the Internet, because the rate of unemployment, and also because so many small businesses can not afford a proper office. Many people work from home as a freelancer, or project based.

You can use a blog to work from home to hover targeted audience, and help them to solve their problems. Or you can make a new blog discussing about the way and ease in working from home.

5. Earn Money:

<img src="make-money.png" alt="Make Money Online Niche">

“Money Making” is another popular internet phrase, but you should be careful with the use, while many people are looking for ways to make money online looking for a lot of people are cautious with money making sites, my honest advice is “do not say what you do not know,” promoting only the programs you are safe.

6. Freebies:

<img src="freebies.png" alt="Freebies Niche">

Ever heard the phrase “we love freebies?” now no body does not, the first lessons I learned online is the word free is a very powerful word, and walk every day millions of people online, looking for free things, if you hover a freebie blog, with the right approach you are going to have the traffic.

7. Internet business:

<img src="internet-business.png" alt="Internet Business Niche">

If you love internet marketing, it’s not a bad idea to have an Internet marketing blog to help other people grow online.

So these were some basic 6 plus niche Ideas that you can initially start your blog in. All you have to do with thinking, and if only you can, just relax and think you’d have every day thousands of niche ideas in head. All Good. So before starting a new blog make a note of point on what particular niche you will be targeting your audience.

Hope  its sound and clear, If you have any other niche idea or want to write your best ideas please feel free to do so in comment section below.


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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  1. Hello Apoorv,

    Great list of niches!

    True that there are many fields we can unfold upon us. And it is not about being an expert in particular field to get started, you can start now, learn and master it as you move along.

    And it is also not about sticking with that particualr field you’re following from long. Any time you can change or add with your current one.

    Internet marketing is the best one I believe but it is if you have desire to grow within the field.

    Again, it is a wonderful motivational post to the folks who are getting started with their blogs! I am happy to share it!

    ~ Adeel

  2. Hi Apoorv,

    Wow ! This is the most inspiring niche idea list I’ve ever encountered.
    I’ve picked a dozen ideas and will research them in more depth, I’m quite confident I could turn one into a relatively successful blog if I put my heart and mind to it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weak ahead

  3. Hey Apoorv,

    Some great ideas there. This would help a person who did not know what they wanted to blog about, but wanted to try. I agree, that free word lures people does it not?

    I could not even begin to think about a food site. Because that means cooking and sampling. I am my best customer. But there are so many sites out there now, there is no need for cook books. But have you been to a site or even Pinterest after you have eaten a lunch or dinner and you look at some of this food and you feel like what you have eaten is now not satisfying? Well that happens to me.

    My blog is on self development but I got a few ideas for some of my next blog posts thanks to the break down of the relationships section. Thank you. Talk soon.


  4. interesting post, and some great ideas. The business, earning money, and working from home niches are evergreen and ever popular. A great place to either start, or dig deeper and make a name for yourself there.

  5. Hey Apoorv,
    I think you are right many of the new bloggers start their blog without having any idea about niche and they mix up all things and at last they fail. Here what you have mentioned is great and all topics are good to start new blog. Thanks for this update


  6. Hi Aproov

    This is a great list of Niches and you are right.

    If i ever wanted to start another blog, this will be a great guide to research for niches. Thanks for sharing.

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