Adsense Complete 101 Guide

Hey Bloggers Here!!! How are you doing. After a long time I’am back with all the questions that often comes about adsense. Starting from,,, How can I get AdSense approval? or How many views,… never ending list… So let’s get started.

Is Google AdSense free to Join?

Participation in AdSense is free. Google will pay you for clicks or impressions on the Googleads that you’ll display on your site. There is simple sharing of revenues between google and publishers that is you. around 58% is the amount that you get, rest is with google.

How can I get AdSense approval?

For Quick Adsense Approval if you follow these steps, you can get. This guide if for those who have step in blogger platform. Even if it is in wordpress, only few changes need to be done like hosting and installing wordpress rest will be same as mentioned. It’s one of the cheapest method of running a blog.

  1. Frist of all Buy a custom domain name.
  2. Add pages like About, Contact. most importantly a Privacy Policy page.
  3. Use can create a domain specific email address in your domain providers webmail account for example, yourname@domain.ext or a gmail account relevant to that email address.
  4. Ensure you use a clean BlogSpot theme/design. If you need some clean themes, I will post them and upload them, can mention in comment section about those.
  5. Have at least 1220 well-written blog posts in your blog in some interval of time.
  6. Avoid using copyright images. If you used any image give due credit.
  7. Add your blog to webmasters, submit sitemaps.
  8. Make Social pages like facebook, twitter or instagram for getting authority and to make your site look genuine.
  9. After you have make sure all above prerequisite apply for adsense, wait for a couple of days and bingo you have successfully got adsense approved.

How long does it take to get AdSense approved?

Usually it takes 1 day, if you don’t comply with the policies of google adsense it may dis-approved your adsense application within 1 day. But Once your application is approved, it would start showing ads on your blog & you will start making money. If you don’t get any reply from Google AdSense team within 48 hours, it would take 4 days, if not in 4 days it would take maximum 7 days to get approved.

You get a mail from google when you blog gets AdSense approved

Still facing issue with adsense let us know, if we can help in that. But make sure don’t apply again and again if you don’t get your adsense approved. Wait for some time, make necessary changes as mentioned by google. Also make sure the content you are posting is not copied. It should be only your’s i.e originality of content!!!


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