Things you must know before buying an expired domain

Hola bloggers here! Thinking to buy a new domain? How about buying an expired domain? Not sure ? Leave than go on the same route from where you came. Am I being rude? Oh no just fucked up a bit wanna know why ? Tired of explaining people about buying a new domain need to tell same thing over and over again. 
It’s fine but their never ending stupid question. Ohh Gosh! I’m tiered now!Well why are you worried? Are you amongst same type of people who keeping asking such silly questions? Well I don’t think so!
Questioning is good but think and all such question will be given response if they are asked in BLOGGER HERE  well a blogger here who bangs it’s mind for hours in search of a post content getting frustrated and than listening your questions what will the situation be think for a while. I’m not serious just telling about those pro people who don’t response.
Now hold on forget everything said above coming back to buying a new domain. First of all be it a newbie or an expert like me (self boosting I’m not but I’ll be) need a registrar like  godaddy or bigrock which ever is cheap. Use as a coupon code to get 25% discount in bigrock.

But it doesn’t end here rather it starts from here! So what are the things that you need to keep in mind before you actually buy an expired domain. Today we’ll discuss it in details so that you buy safe and good.

Before we go further several questions clouding your mind like why to buy expired domain or what is the use or benefits ? You’ll get the answer of these many question at the end of this post, so read it cautiously!

Be it a new bie or emerging blogger, buying a domain is the first step to host a custom blog in the blogosphere. So for many its easy while for many it’s hard!’

Why to buy An Expired Domain more precisely deleted domain?

Domain is the name which is rented for an year or more depending upon the plan you choose. So it comes with the expiry usually its after a year, those who wishes can renew it or let it expire and when this expired domains get’s deleted after an interval of time you can buy this expired domain again. If a domain is expired it will not be available for people other than who bought it actually to buy it again. for new ones it need to be deleted and then it will be available to be bought.

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For Example I have a domain which is expired now the third person comes to search and find this name quite cool and buys blogger here .com which will be available to buy once it is deleted by the registrar from where it was previously booked. Is it confusing ? Well see :

A buys Blogger HERE.

A doesn’t renew it

BloggerHERE gets expired

B want to buy a domain

B searches for the domain finds BloggerHERE

B finds BloggerHERE expired but not deleted

B waits till it get deleted

B buys BloggerHERE and gets Apy

NOW PLease Don’t say you haven’t got it!

But now a Big Question Comes How to find it?

Find an expired domain!
expired domain

For this simply go to and click on deleted domains select the Top level Domain like .com .net .org etc or choose all.  Search for the name apply filters as per you need!

After Selecting what to do?

Don’t straight away buy after selecting the domain. After select a couple of domain check for PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and IP addresses. That will give you an idea about the value of domain. For this visit this site its simple and no adons that would irritate you!

Is is all? Not yet a couple of things that you need to keep in mind!


Yes Adsense What If the url is adsense banned? You wont be able to apply adsense codes or codes will work but after some time you adsense will be banned. So why risk?

<img src="check-for-adsense-ban.png" alt="Check for adsense if its banned or not">

Since most of the poeople avoid renewing the domain name because they are google adsense banned. So avoid buying if you want to apply for adsense. I too buy a domain without being aware of if it was adsense banned or not I came to know this when i didn’t get adsense approval. For pro blogger or those who has nothing to do with adsense or they know how to deal with those banned domain are useful but not for many of us. To check go to its simple to use and no irritating ads.

Over to You

Well It on you if you wish to buy or not bur do consider following things before safely buying. Thanks for being at bloggerhere! If I missed something do let me know via your valuable comments below :)

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Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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  1. Hi Apporv,
    Good Morning, have a great day!!
    Yes before buying a expired domain we need to keep couple of things on our mind and if we dont analyse that domain before buying, it cause be a heavy penalty. I want to say thanks to you because I came to know more knowledge from this article and will surely come again here.

    With Regards,
    Naveen Kumar

  2. Yes, expired domains could be very beneficial in the market because of it’s high rank, so a head start. Checking for the possible cases where it is not banned is a key to prevent later failure.

    For me, I would only go with the domain, if I am building a niche site or I badly want the name, not unless otherwise.

    Take care.

  3. You know this is a wonderful resource. Most people who want to start a website or a blog think of purshaing a domain without considering checking out expired domains. So this post does come on time.

    Getting an expired domain might seem easy but one mush consider a lot of factors before purchasing an expired domain which you brilliantly highlighted. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hello Apoorv,

    Very nice write up and useful information presented in a simple manner! Many people, including me, have such doubts when they want to start a website. Thanks for sharing this information as it will help them .
    Have a nice day!

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