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How to deal with comments on your blog?

When your blog, you start getting some comments, to deal with those comments become tough task when the frequency of spam comments increases. Most blogs allow visitors to the weblog to post comments on any of the blog posts. So here comes the question How to deal with comments especially when These feedback are utterly unrelated. These feedback that is the comments may additionally be optimistic or adverse in nature. Regardless of the type of remark left by a visitor the blogger could select to take care of these comments in a lot of different ways.

The blogger may answer these comments, block particular person visitors from leaving feedback in the future or use administrative features to delete feedback or set the blog to require approval of the comments earlier than they are posted on the blog. Though commenting is a also one of the important aspect of improving seo of your blog but over commenting is dangerous for blogs as well. So in this article we will talk about each of those options on How to deal with comments on a blog in greater detail?

Answering Comments on Your Blog

Bloggers who obtain feedback on their blog may wish to answer these comments. Most blogging packages permit the blogger to publish comments on his own blog which allows the blogger to reply comments directly. With this function a blogger can deal with a variety of completely different situations together with unfavorable comments, positive comments and questions. Bloggers who obtain unfavorable feedback on their blog could opt to answer these feedback instantly with a rebuttal to the destructive comments.

This enables the blogger to acknowledge the criticism and defend his unique post. Bloggers who obtain constructive comments may also want to answer these comments to thank the visitors for the praise. Nonetheless other bloggers may receive comments which ask a question in regards to the weblog publish or the blogger himself. Bloggers could choose to answer these inquiries to develop a better relationship with the blog visitors.

Blocking Comments from Individual Visitors

An alternative choice in order to deal with comments in blog that are detrimental in nature is to block feedback from individual blog visitors. Normally bloggers can have the flexibility to blog a specific person from leaving comments on the blog. The blogger might want to use this feature in conditions the place the comments from the weblog customer are extremely imply spirited. The blogger may wish to ban particular person blog guests from making comments if he has previously tried to explain his point to the customer but the visitor continues to post unfavorable comments. A blogger may additionally want to ban a person blog visitor from making comments if he believes the feedback are being left as spam.

Using Administrative Features

Lastly, to deal with comments on a blog consists of using administrative features to delete comments or modify the settings to not allow comments to be displayed till the blogger approves them.

Blog owners sometimes have the ability to delete a comment left by a weblog visitor. Deleting these feedback is usually a quite easy process. As, it’s not a totally efficient technique because other blog guests may have the chance to learn these feedback before they’re deleted. Subsequently, deleting the remark might forestall some visitors from reading the remark but is not going to ensure the remark is not seen by any blog visitors.

However, there is a method for bloggers to ensure guests do not learn unfavourable comments. Most types of blogging software program have choices which require the blogger to approve all comments before they become accessible to the public. This gives the blogger the power to delete a comment before it’s learn by any of the weblog visitors. The blogger can simply delete any feedback they do not wish others to read before the comments are published.

Over to You

So now we have seen the three sides of How to deal with comments are very healthy form of feedback. But at the same time an eye must be kept open so that the feedback could not be turned as spam or other irrelevant comments than actually related to the post.


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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  1. Hi Apoorv,
    This is my first visit on your site and am so glad to read this ultimate post.
    Thanks for sharing the best way of log dealing…Please keep posting such article ..

  2. Hi Apoorv,

    You are absolutely right. There are people who purposely post SPAM comments or ugly comments so blocking is the only way to control them. It was a good post talking about the necessary actions that can be taken to tackle and master comment moderation.

    Thanks for sharing.
    – Rohan Chaubey.

  3. Hi Approve,
    This is my first visit on your blog. I love your blog theme as well as writing.
    I would like to add something that if you want to attract your reader then you need to respond your reader regularly that will turn your blog into a blogging community.
    And thanks for your great post.

    With regards,
    Elite Image Software Solutions

  4. Hi Apoorv,

    You are right about all that you wrote, though blog commenting is actually an art any blogger can learn 🙂

    Yes, blog comments are essential for a blog, and I call them the lifeline of a blog. Wonder if you read one post on my blog with the topic – Are blog comments really required, under the ‘Blogging’ niche – you might find it interesting…along with the several comments that followed up thereafter 🙂

    So, comments can be of any or many types. What matters is how you handle them. I usually don’t get negative comments, but the few I have got, I have approved them, and politely conveyed my point across. We cannot forget that the person commenting has a free right to express his or her views, and they might not agree with your post, so respect those views, though stand your ground and deal with the person in the best possible way.

    Of course, if the comment is spammy or not ethically correct etc, and you know the commenter has an habit of spamming, such people should be banned.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Thank You Ma’am for such a fruitful comment, commenting is an art we are trying to be artiste while you are the queen of the art 🙂 and yes I’ll be going through the mentioned post. More likely the event blogging or people who tends to seek promotion of their post just post a single line which is irritating at times. While there are some who tends to make hefty comments or hefty meaningful comment. 🙂

      Your welcome Ma’am 🙂

  5. Hello Apoorv,

    I am new on your blog .For last 2 hours i am reading your blog .I thought to leave a comment here 🙂 Because this post is about comments .All the three ways are incredible and applicable .I am using blogger but there are many plugins you can use on wordpress in order to avoid spam .According to my experience regular visitors and known bloggers don’t spam

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