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I always heard people saying how do I optimize SEO or is their any on page seo optimization guide to do SEO for free in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation for Free or Infact any tool to do seo in 2019. Undoubtedly search engine optimisation is infact the most pleasing term in the blogging industry in 21st Centry, utmost in 2019

Search engines algorithms are always a changing. Smart website owners are always optimizing their websites to influence the search engines to consider their websites and web pages to be the most important. It is almost like the smart sales man who first sees himself in the shoes of the potential customer and knows beforehand to a certain extent his needs and wants. In this context of SEO (search engine optimization) it is definite that the title tag of a page is one of the most important factors that will determine the optimization level of the webpage.

All search Engines including Google give a lot of preference to the keywords that are found in a webpage’s title. In fact it is the title tag that is used by the search engines as the title of the website listings during a search. This is how a basic title tag looks like.

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Where is the title tag placed within the HTML of the page? It is placed between the head tags i.e. between the and HEAD> tags. The title tag should be about 50 to 80 characters long including spaces. Following are some important tips that are to be followed while writing a webpage title.

  • Include the most important keyword phrases in the title tag (not blindly but making sense as a sentence)
  • Must have unique titles/tags for each page on the site
  • Write an attractive title that will make a customer click into the site
  • It is preferable that keywords come in the beginning portion of the title

Free Bing SEO optimisation Techniques

Bing is one of the up and coming search engines in the online community today. I’m sure that you have seen the commercials that have telling you that they are the decision engine not the “search” engine. Pretty good when you think about it. Bing is trying to crawl up the ladder slowly but surely. There are many great reviews about bing from users around the world. Many say that Bing is easier to navigate, more interactive, better customer support, and is more faster and responsive than Google itself. You can search more information on What does this mean for SEO? This means that Bing has plenty of knowledgeable people looking for specific types of information online and are starting to use Bing for answers before Google.

I’m not saying that Google is being threatened by them nor am I necessarily saying that Bing is better than Google. What I am saying is that you should pay closer attention what is going on in the internet as oppose to listening to particular figures that narrow your mind only into a specific strategy or search engine, telling you that this is the only way you can get to people online which is preposterous.

There are three unique strategies that you can use to optimize on You are gong to have to do something a little different from what you have been told. First of all you first need to do a regular search on Google. Once you perform your keyword search on Google(using quotations on the keywords you are looking to use) you will want to take those same keywords or key phrases and place them in the bing search bar as well. You will want to analyze both results and see which one is the best ranked.

You should know that Bing doesn’t favor domain keywords(i.e.,.net,.info, etc.).’s own domain don’t even rank that high their own search engine but they are in the top ten in Google.

SEO Trends That Would Dominate The Year 2019

The internet decides how the world performs marketing nowadays. It is important to have a marketing edge by keeping up with the latest search engine optimization trends. This is because traditional marketing strategies are being replaced by more in-bound marketing strategies such as search engine optimization. Here are some of the SEO trends that would dominate the year 2015.

Content marketing will rule

Back in the day, the terms search engine optimization and content marketing were used interchangeably. However, throughout the year 2018, search engine optimization will be seen increasingly as the technical component of online marketing, whereas the content marketing will be the one that drives the rankings on the search engine pages. SEO will continue to remain invaluable as a subset of content marketing that deals with metatags, keyword research, indexing issues, as also penalty recovery. On the other hand, businesses that continue to focus on SEO will become the primary influencers of search engine visibility.

Non-optimized sites would fail

In the year 2018, Google had started placing a great importance on the usability of the mobile phone. Sites that have not been optimized for the mobile phone are likely to not get their websites on the top of the search results page. People have also seen a shift toward the keyword searches with long tails. Many of the mobile users are likely to use voice searches instead of typing out what they want. Businesses that do not tailor their websites to these users would see their content plummet. They would also see a significant drop in their rankings on search results pages.

Brand citations will be powerful

Due to widespread abuse of link building, Google appears to be placing more emphasis on brand citations and mentions. These are less likely to be twisted in order to achieve higher rankings on search engine pages. Over the course of 2018, one would see that more businesses are using mentions and non-followed links in order to increase their rankings on the search result page.

More relationship building will take place

With the vast range of content being created on a daily basis, businesses are coming to realize that focusing on generating content alone is not enough. Marketers are slowly realizing that businesses that are able to humanize their brands and make them stand out. You cannot achieve higher rankings on the search engine page only by improving the kind of relationship that you have with your customers.

Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

  • When it comes to creating content, keep people in mind and not the search engines. Be sure to create content that captures the interest of people, so they will be convinced to buy your products / services.
  • Do not plagiarize content. You can be penalized if any of your content is identical or similar to other pages on the web.
  • When you have pages with little content, add more, combine or delete them. When you have multiple pages, such as those with sight in the short time, the keyword rankings of your website could be downgraded by search engines.
  • Add videos because it will not only allow people to spend more time on your site, but also let you acquire links from sites that share videos.
  • More content leads to more visitors, sales and rankings. Sites that have many pages of relevant content are well trusted by visitors and rewarded by search engines.
  • Include a blog on your website. This way it will be easier and faster to insert new pages with the content of your site.
  • Write the contents of the display on blogs and others sites. If your content is useful, they will be more likely to link to you.
  • Create content and devote time and effort to market it. When you market your content, people will have trouble finding it. Consequently, they will not be able to share it or link to it.
  • Come up with a catchy descriptive title for each page. Title 55 characters must communicate clearly the topic for viewers and search engines as well.
  • Write a separate meta description and description for each page. With 160 characters, you must provide a description of the subject so that people will choose to click on your site rather than the others included in the search results.
  • Search for keywords, then go to optimization. Make sure they are the right keywords so that your SEO efforts, whether on site or off site, will not go to waste, and you will get traffic that converts into sales.
  • Get keyword ideas from customers, clients, family and friends because they see your business from a different angle, and can share words and phrases they associate with.
  • Aim for keywords that are relevant. In this way, it would be quick and easy to rank for those keywords. In addition, they increase the chances for visitors to become buyers.
  • Choose keywords that have commercial purposes. Surely, you want to attract visitors who are willing to spend rather than those seeking information.
  • Keywords that are longer can generate more traffic. It is faster and cheaper to rank for specific keyword phrases that are long, and 40% of this research consist of at least four words.
  • Put keywords in the right places. Although they are not as important as before, it is wise to add them to the URL, title, meta descriptions, image alt tags and header tags.

Local Search Engine Optimisation Tips

You can also see the top working tips for Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! From Google Panda to Hummingbird (with Pigeon in between), the SEO world has been scrambling to adjust to the algorithm changes while working hard to maintain their search engine page ranking (SERP). It seems that there is a glut of information – some from more reliable sources than others – about how to “do Local SEO”. In addition, some of the tried-and-true techniques touted by experts in 2019 are no longer relevant and, in fact, no longer work. To get your Local SEO “New Year” off to a successful start, here are 4 major changes you need to practice when designing and implementing your Local SEO strategy in 2019:

1. Links are all-important (even more so than content) in having the search engine crawlers find and rank your website. Content – the high quality, relevant kind – is essential. Well-written, valuable content can be used in guest blogs that link back to your website, offers to generate leads, as well as on your webpages. Several quality links (links useful to the searcher) trump tons of irrelevant links when it comes to page ranking in 2015.

2. The goal of a Local SEO strategy is to always rank at the top of the page. There is another misconception that being at the top (or at least in the top 3) of the search page is always going to promise new business. Even though a higher page ranking is still prized, user behavior seems to be demonstrating that appended search results (including preview snippets) receive much higher click through rates than those without. Focus on searcher usability and website usefulness rather than higher page ranking alone.

3. Meta descriptions are fundamental to page ranking. Meta descriptions are definitely important, but not in the exact way you might think. Back in 2009, Google made it clear that meta descriptions would have no effect regarding search rankings. Drafting your meta description to provide an informative and relevant message will ultimately attract users to your page.

4. Keyword optimization is Priority #1 for improving Local SEO. Keywords need to fill your page content and must be an exact match every time. Overusing keywords to improve page ranking is no longer a viable Local SEO technique. Google is more interested in matching the intent behind a user’s search query, not in matching the search terms to exact keywords. Keyword optimization is effective, but only where the keyword use is relevant to the content on your page – especially when the insertion of exact-match keywords makes the content clumsy to write and read. Your content – including your keyword use – should focus on the user’s experience, not SERP.

Local SEO continues to be a crucial part of every company’s inbound marketing campaign. More than ever, Local SEO is all about the user experience, with a renewed focus upon high quality, relevant content and easy website navigation. Of course, page ranking still matters, but it’s becoming affected more and more by the relationship between the content of a website and the specific search query generated by the user. Practice your organic SEO strategy with these 4 ideas in mind so that you’ll be best prepared for the inevitable changes to Google’s algorithm in the year ahead!


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