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Host Custom Sub Domain of WordPress in Blogger

Hii Bloggers HERE, few days back I was struggling to host main wordpress blog’s custom sub domain in blogger, I searched for many sources website but can’t find any one genuine source online. Finally I found some with broken ideas. So today finally I decided to help you blogger’s Here about hosting your sub domain of your main domain in blogger.

What is Main WordPress Blogs Custom Domain?

Domain that you have self hosted on a hosting will be called as main wordpress blog’s custom domain. Okay! Now comes question of what will be the sub domain? Right! Well i’ll better explain you with example.

Let’s see, my main blog which is is hosted in a blog using wordpress as a content management platform. Now suppose i want to host a sub domain of to platform for example say So this is the custom sub Domain of your main wordprss blog. Do you get it now?

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People usually does so when they can’t afford multiple domain hosting or there web hosting provider does not support multiple add one domains or sub domains. Or they don’t want to spend on buying new domain so it prefer to use sub domain.

What is hosting on is a platform for blogging by google. You can get a sub domain like or you can host your custom domain like on platform. Well these are just examples so you get better understanding. You can follow this guide how to host your custom domain in blogger.

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Let’s Come to Catch of the Day!!!

How to Host wordpress hosted custom domain’s sub domain in blogger?

, Go there. At the same time open and type your custom sub domain for example click save, you see red errors kind a stuff.

How to Host Custom Sub Domain for your WordPress blog on Blogger

Now At the same time go to your website hosting and So for that you have to go to your website’s control panel, there you would find option about DNS management or Zone EDITOR Click ADD cNAME Record and simply

Copy those two things and create a two CNAMEs in your website hosting, paster them like create hey and paste value of

in Second cNAME paste the 2nd code that you see in blogger.

hosting using website dns zone editor

After then wait for max 24 hours and bingo your sub domain of your main blog is pointed to blogger. If you still find any issue or difficulty feel free to comment below. I will surely help you.


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Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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