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How To Make Money Online With Blogging in 2015

Well Blogging now a days is a wonderful way to create another source of income and perhaps replace your income in your job.

With a great platform like WordPress, you can literally create anything from a sales page to a fully functional income generating blog.

As you go with a blog to make money online?

Though there are many ways to create a source of income with a blog and make money online very easily with some powerful techniques that I’m going to share.

First, you what will want to share is a great content otherwise anyone will have no reason to go there. Also you want an opt-in list, where you can enter a free report or something of that nature. Then you can print banners in a source of income, making people click on your banner if you are creating to visit your blog. Then you canaffiliate links or links to other products and services that you offer to entice your audience to buy more from you.

I’m sure you can see that a blog can be a great way to make money online without much input as soon as it is established.

You need the new blog posts every week maybe write 2 or 3 is fresh and exciting to keep. You also want your visitors by maximizing highly targeted keywords in your content so that you appear in search engines blog posts. Then you have paid visits to your blog or free transport to send methods.

Both types of traffic are useful but paid faster and the other is free, so it just depends on what you more time or have? MONEY

In simple terms, if no one finds your blog posts then no visitors and no income.

Following are the points that could help you to make money!

>Be SPECIFIC free or paid traffic come to your blog

> YOU can AFFILIATE LINK Banner on your BLOG

> CREATE interesting contents to your loyal readers

> you need to build a list have an opt-in form sale

> you affiliate links in your blog posts related matters

> you backlinks to your blog like Facebook / in linked NEED

> YOU  HOST a hosting company to your blog

> You must choose a niche based web URL WWW.

> Images you interest the reader with keywords

There are other things that you need to do, these are the main areas that you have to master especially, but check.

Once you are in your back office of your blog, you can play around and familiarize yourself with what you needto do so as to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

For example, you are an SEO expert or an SEO Training need to understand how fully expose to your blog to the right people. If you know how to make money online the best way, then you need to outsource some areas to really want to profit from your blog.

I’m not Techy at all, but some how I managed to get my own blog and website, so I’m going to create sure that you do the same. And it is worth it as you can too make money online with blogging without much trouble.

If you need more help, or want to share you views or issues feel free to connect with me over here as its a blogger’s destination we’ll be obliged to help you.


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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  1. Hi, Agrawal
    Your blog design is most tremendous, always you write good piece. In this article your writes you discuss about some ways to make money online via blogging. It will more attractive if you elaborate your contents.


  2. Hi Apoorv,I have started to blog,just recently,and I have booked a web domain too,in case I need for future use.I went through your blog page,it is kind of informative and lucidly presented.I require a help,i am kind of struggling to have ads of companies pasted on to my blog site (as an affiliate),but I am not successful,as I am kind of not a technical person.Your guidance in this regard will be helpful.
    BG Sreedhhar

    1. Hey Sreedhhar! Well thanks for stopping by and thanks for your compliments about my blog which is for the bloggers 🙂

      Do let me know what help you require I’ll surely try my best to help you best 🙂

      1. Hi Apoorv
        Though i have recently started to blog and as i am an non technical person,i am finding it difficult to add widgets/ad’s of companies on my blog page.
        I had applied for a company and they have shared the html code to me,but it is so difficult for me to incorporate it on my blog page,what could be the reason,i frankly dont know.
        Would be grateful,if you could guide me on that issue plz.
        I invite you to take time and visit my blog for your inputs plz
        Is it necessary to have a website developed along with blog page ?
        BG Sreedhhar

    2. Hi Apoorv,thanks for replying to my post.I wanted to know,how to include/add ads or widgets to my blogsite,technically I am not able to understand or do it.And ofcourse,I have booked a domain name,is it essential to have both the blog and website,or can I have a website developed later,presently continue only with the blog,thanks,regards,BG

  3. Hi Aproov,

    Nice post with simple bullet points to make easy to understand. Yes a blog with some months to make it authorative, then that hardwork can bring money through affiliates or sponsored posts or banners too.
    Have a nice weekend bro. Happy blogging

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