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Hello Swadhin welcome to bloggerhere thanks for giving time, as being a blogger its damn hard to find time, but for bloggerhere its a kind of honour as we have you from DigitalGYD. Before we being I would like to ask you in which category enlisting you will make the best from the three, silver, gold or platinum blogger which corresponds to new, emerging pro blogger or pro blogger, I guess emerging pro blogger will be the best!
And I’m very sorry as I got delayed as I planned and scheduled but nevertheless I’m up with my first interview with the elite author of, who will share some of his blogging secrets which will surely help :)

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1. First of all since BloggerHere is a new blog so it will not be worth asking what you have to say about but I guess what you have to say about the concept behind bloggerhere? If you would read about page it will take a couple of time to answer this question,  over here.

Hi Apoorv, first off thanks for this kind intro of me. It’s an honor to be here, talking about myself. I read your about page. It’s a great initiative and I am glad my experiences can help someone somewhere. Most bloggers start without any help. I have gone through this so I respect your efforts.

2. A general question about your first involvement in blogging and strengths and weaknesses being a blogger?

My involvement in blogging is rather a awesome co-incidence. What started as a Google search for “earning money for writing online” ended up with me having a blog for myself? It has helped me a LOT since then and I have never looked back. Today, most of my clients come from my blog’s hire me page and I love the way bloggers like Harleena Singh and Atish Ranjan have helped me in this.

On my strengths, I would say the ability to observe the trends online and learning quickly from them is a good quality. (Am I boasting, yes we should appreciate ourselves.)

On weaknesses, I am really sad that I never learned HTML or CSS. I think if I knew a bit of them could bid good bye to many plugins I use. I wouldsay everyone should learn a little bit of coding. It’s very useful when doing little tweaks on your blog’s design too.

3. Which job you would have taken instead of blogging? I guess blogging is your only profession? 

Had I not been blogging, I might have been a Quality controller in some pharma companies. Yes, for nowblogging is my full time profession. I am earning much better in fact three times my salary as a pharma officer.

4. What would you like to tell our readers about your success as a blogger and your general blogging strategies? 

Apoorv, this question is very relative. What might be the end for one might be the starting point for someone else. I would never say I am already successful rather I have a long way to go now.

On blogging strategies, you should check out this post of mine.

5. Being a blogger, a writer what would you prioritize more and accordingly? Content? SEO? Traffic? Readers?

Haha nice question. I would say all three are correlated and equally important. I don’t see one stand without the support of the other two.

But when it comes to choosing, I would choose my readers over anything else. If I am up blogging at 4 am it’s for my readers and not for any lifeless bot of a search engine.

When you write for readers, you will automatically write good content, that solves their problem and when you write good content bots will love it too. SEO is something I surely do but after writing good content or along with it. And traffic is sure to follow now.

6. Since new blogger like me always looks blogging as money maker but I genuinely haven’t made a penny out of blogs what message would you like to give about blogging as a money making factor and how can we actually make money.

See, if you think blogging as a cash generator machine, better go back and look for a job. I would say you cannot earn anything unless you have credibility online.

It usually takes 8-10 months of sincere dedication before a blog shows up as a potent source of monetization. I am not talking of short term event blogging. Which is good nut won’t help you in building up an authority online.

For monetization, you have to build a strategy, what is it you want to sell your visitors to. Do you have a product to sell (like eBooks), or you want to provide services to your readers (like web design or content writing, or you are happy with your audiences with the money generated by showing ads to your visitors. Either way you need to be very particular on what you want. After a while, when you gain online trust, people will come searching or your products and services.

7. What are the daily tools you use to manage your social media presence?

Social media is my live wire and it infact should be the same for others like me. I use social media for connecting with peers and influencers, getting clients and building a brand for myself. I don’t use too may tools but I would say my life would be a mess without the following.

1) My Android: It has all the apps for social media. I would advise everyone to do social media through smartphones as it is easy and will be faster. Moreover you can utilize free time like sitting in the car, waiting for someone etc. to update and connect and the rest time can be used for writing content.

2) Pocket: Helps me store every interesting article I see online to be read offline and then I use IFTTT to send interesting posts from there to twitter.

4) Viralcontentbuzz: – sharing of content

5) Triberr: – connecting with influencers

6) Instagram: –for branding.

8. What are your blogging plans for year 2015 ?

For 2015, I have thought to be more dedicated than even before. I want to learn a bit of coding this year for sure.

Well that’s sounds great Coding since most of the blogger having many blogs including be don’t know the very first rule of coding. Must say a nice resolution.

9. What is the new secret of 2015 SEO and Blogging some tips about seo that could be used in 2015 by us and new bloggers?

Well, I am not a SEO kinda guy, but I would say 2015 is really a significant year in terms of SEO.

1) With the release of Google penalties and Google bots becoming more human-like, I would say don’t go forover optimization and link buildings. PBNs are nearly dead. That doesn’t mean link-building is dead but do it legitimately.

2) Build internal links, this is too much important. Internal linking can blow life to those posts that are rarely opened now.

3) Don’t put all your eggs in the Google basket, submit your site to other search engines as well and please write content that is worthy. Content will only decide the readership of your blog.

4) Use Google plus for sure. In a common example, when we search for something in Google, 2 out of the 10 results in the search page are the updates shared by people in your friend circle.

5) Using content marketing techniques like podcasts can help you increase your reach.

6) Google now clearly states if your site is mobile friendly so be aware to use a responsive theme.

10. Any failure you came across while blogging or during blogging?

Thankfully I have not seen much of a so called failure from blogging.

11. As a blogger we need to be a part of blogosphere so which are amongst your favorite blogs and why?

I read a lot many blogs, lots of them actually. But my favorite blogs are,, Quick sprout blog, Problogger, Matthew Woodwards blog, Backlinko, bloggingwizard and many others like the coschedule blog, Buffer blog, Postplanner blog, etc.

12. Some of the blogger you look up get inspiration to work hard?

For inspirations, I look up to Harleena Singh, Brian dean, Kevanlee , Atish Ranjan and Kristi Hines.

13. Some of the advice/tips for the bloggers on how to be a good blogger?

From what I have learnt, I would advise your readers to:

1) Write better, well explained and yet posts that provide value to the readers.

2) Do learn a bit of coding and SEO.

3) Be active in social media for building the right connections.

4) Share your posts like they are your last posts.

5) Be consistent and stick to a niche.

Thanks a lot Apoorv for this chat with me. I really loved being your guest here.

Your welcome Swadhin It was a great time to talk and discuss with you.

Over to You

So dear blogger here hope you enjoyed reading this interview and got to learn many things overall about Blogging, Seo, and got to know some important things about blogging.  In case you’re struck with blogging or want to get inspired on blogging better. Swadhin is very helpful you can connect with him on twitter G+ orfb and you can simply ask your doubts here through our comment section. Moreover he has left a free gift for you to re-kindle your blogging charm. It’s a huge list of 40+ ways to keep blogging. It’s up for a limited time so be sure to grab it here.


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !


  1. You’ve done a good job in interviewing an exact passionate blogger Agarwal Apoorv.

    @ Swadhin

    Good to read your answer and they are precise. Great to know about your blogging journey, strength and weakness. Like you, even I don’t have coding skill but wanna learn it. Atish is everywhere!!! He is my role model and have learned a lot from him.

    Keep your good work, blog with passion 🙂

    1. Hello maam,
      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you could relate . Atish bro is awesome. I mean he is talented but the way he talks with with you, he will not make you feel that you don’t know anything.
      You are an inspiraion. 🙂

  2. Hi Apoorv & Swadhin 🙂

    Good to be over at your blog Apoorv, and congratulations on your new one – perhaps your very first interview on this blog with Swadhin 🙂

    What can I say about Swadhin – he is coming up in a big way, even though he’s not been a full time blogger, until late. I’ve seen him start his blogging journey and reach where he is today, and there is nothing more than appreciation for his hard work and efforts. More so, there are few like him who connect, interact, and are givers in the real sense. I know he’s going to reach greater heights, and I wish him ALL the luck and success.

    This was a wonderfully conducted interview, and I am happy to see Swadhin share his experiences with everyone, as that would surely help bloggers, especially the new ones, to learn and become better. After all, we all learn from each other, and sharing our knowledge is a way to give back to the blogosphere, and I do believe in that.

    Ah…Swadhin, you are too kind to mention me in so many places – I wish I could do more and had the time for it all, but you know how the ABC keeps me on my toes nowadays. Glad you are part of it, and you like reading Aha!NOW too, that gives me immense pleasure – just to know that the posts shared are being liked and read by people, and they help them become better in their lives.

    Thanks for sharing more about Swadhin with us, Apoorv. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Thanks ma’am for stopping by. And yes, indeed it is my first interview hope it went well. Agreeing by your point we learn more as being a part of a community than a single body by sharing experiences knowing weak and strong points. It helps to make the bond strong resolving the obstructions. 🙂

      1. Hello Harleena maam,
        Thank you for coming here and being a part of this moment. I am so grateful for those kind words of yours. I am still in the learning phase and I think this is the best phase to be in. For the day we stop learning we become stationary like stones.

        On Mentioning, ma’am, you have been an inspiration and have always helped me. With your guidanece and the support of all ahaians I am here so I just mention at places I get a chance to so that others reading might like to get the benefits.
        Thank you maam 🙂

  3. Hi Swadhin and Apoorv,

    Let me first say Apoorv, nice to meet you lol, since I landed on your blog for the first time via Swadhin’s share on Facebook. Your blog looks great! 🙂

    Talking about Swadhin, He is the one who got me more interested in blogging as he introduced me to the Aha!NOW ABC community. Since then I have learned so much on Aha!NOW. Swadhin is a really nice guy and always helps others.

    I liked the questions and answers. And enjoyed reading the interview. 🙂 Your’s and Swadhin’s blog theme looks similar.

    Thanks for this interview. Got to learn something new. 🙂

    Rohan Chaubey.

  4. Hi Agrawal

    Very informative interview post and I learnt a lot more about Swadhin here especially the tools he uses for social networking.

    This is one of the benefit of interview post that you get new readers from the blog community of the interviewee as I visited your blog just to know what he is talking here and glad to read his superb answers of your well crafted questions.

    His consistency and hard work are his most effective strengths that is paying him big rewards of brand recognition.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hello Mi sir,
      I am glad you came over here and thought to give it a review.
      I am so glad you liked my social tools, though Idon’t use many others like justretweet and such ones.

      I cannot agree more with you on the benefits of conducting intervieews.
      Thanks for being an inspiration. 🙂

  5. Hi Apoorv and Swadhin bro,
    It is my first time on your blog and I am feeling lucky the I am reading a interesting and well cleared interview with Swadhin bro.
    Thanks a lot Swadhin bro to express all your views so clearly to us.
    Have a great day!!
    With Regards,
    Naveen Kumar

  6. Hello Swadhin sir and Apoorv,
    Congratulations both of you.
    I was awere a bit about swadhin sir but Apoorv well done for bring such kind of initiative.
    I got Swadhin sir on Aha Community. And thats it.
    One best quality of yours i must say that you are very helpful.
    I don’t have much word to say about you.
    Good luck both of you and rock the blogosphere.
    -Happy Blogging.

  7. Hi Apoorva/ Swadhin,
    I am following Swadhin blog quite some time, I didn’t know much about him till now, after reading this interview on your, I got some good information about him.
    Swadhin mentioned true points about blogging career, if you want to earn money through blogging first you have to build trust online, it takes time.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Hi Apoorv

    This post is making me know Swadhin much better which is the reason why I do like interviews. Knowing Swadhin has been the best thing for me and do like his blog. He is so inspiration in the ABC community. So he is pro-blogger that is making waves in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing and featuring Swadhin. Have a nice week.


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