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I guess you all enjoyed and learnt after reading my first interview. So today I’m up again with full of energy to interview another blogger in bloggerhere. He may seem to be newbie but is amongst the efficients, his experience will surely help you. Today in bloggerhere we have Avinash from tricks99. Whose experience being a blogger will help mostly the newbie! So let’s get to know more about his journey being a blogger. We have enlisted him in our Silver Blogger Category.

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Well Avinash, How would you like to introduce yourself to bloggerhere, bloggers and readers?

A) Hiee guys, this is Avinash from Andhra Pradesh, India. I’m 21 yrs old now, studying Bsc degree right now. With studies, I loves to blog everyday with my lappy. I like computer, internet, softwares and other tech stuff a lot and I’m a great music lover, having a dream to become English pop singer.

What are you views about

A) Ya, this is a great site. When the 1st time I heard the domain name “”, some few points came into my mind that might be this site contains some stuff which helps other bloggers, sharing some blogging tips, tricks and giving some guidance to the new bloggers etc. So whatever I thought, I found all those topics here and some more topics too and I felt happy. I’m sure that this site is going to be useful for newbies a lot. I’m wishing you a good luck for your future, bro.

So, Avinash how you got idea about blogging? Are you serious about blogging or just fun time!

A) Actually that’s a big story!!:P But I’ll say in few lines,

Earlier I had a group on facebook “Solutions for facebook problems”, so this group is a big group consisting 130k members+ and full active one, I use to share all facebook tricks, pc tips&tricks etc etc on that big group, so I got some good name from worldwide by it and one day facebook has deleted that group for some reasons. I’m so sad that I lost all my members, posts too. Then one of my blogger friend Arjun@cryptlife has suggested me that to start blogging as he saw the posts which I use to upload in my group. So he gave me introduction about what is blogging, how to do blogging etc etc stuff. So I launched Tricks99 on May28, 2013. And meanwhile I added some more bloggers in my fb and I use to ask them all my doubts and they use to help me. Now I’m serious about this blogging platform as I’m developing my site day by day!!

See, what was my main reason at that time to start blogging is, “I want to earn money via blogging (‘coz I’m a student, I don’t have any other opportunities to do job), so that’s why I can use this blogging platform to earn money so that I can make songs, I can achieve my dream – English pop singer.

Moving on, is blogging your passion or full time profession and if not what actually you’re by profession?

A) Aaah, I can say this as passion (right now). As I’m a student, so I wanna complete my studies and then go for the job. So I’m managing this blogging as part time only.

How will you describe your journey being a blogger since you first started blogging? Your Obstruction where you struck how you cross those?

A) To be frank, in my past days, I’ve started blogging for only earning money(I already told you in 3rd question) but when I get into this blogging field I realized that Blogging is not about making Money, blogging is all about teaching the things which we know perfectly. Here we have to do lot of hardwork, we have to be dedicated and we have to write high quality posts (never copy) and we have to build good traffic via search engines and lot of other important works should be done. So blogging is a difficult job. So unless we make a quality site with good traffic, we can’t earn 1$ too.

And daily I’ve many obstructions like home problems, studies, music etc. See, I’ve to go for college daily and I’ve to complete so many works (studies) daily. At the same time I’ve to learn music (Piano), write songs, learn singing, composing songs etc. So I have to do multiple categories works, so managing time for me is really really difficult!! Moreover, I don’t even have good opportunities to do blogging daily ‘coz I don’t have internet connection, lappy in all months (lot of home problems). But I didn’t care all these problems, I just decided one thing –“So whatever happens, I should not give up this blogging and I’ll do this whenever I get a chance” and thus how I’m successfully running my site today with good traffic from worldwide. Actually I would like to tell you one thing, as I don’t have a chance like others to do blogging daily/weekly; I make posts on my site by taking long time. For ex- making 1/2 posts per 2 months!! And right now [March 2015] I’m getting a traffic of 3.3k+ page views, 1.9k+ unique visitors per day from worldwide (only from google). My blogger friends appreciate me in one thing that “Making posts once per 2 months only giving you 3.3k+ page views a day, then what if you make posts daily/weekly? How much traffic will you get? :P”

So what I say from my personal experience is “It’s not about how many posts you make daily/weekly, it’s all about what quality posts you make”.

What are the areas where being a newbie you lacked, improved moreover, most of the fields where newbie tends to make errors in?

A) When I was a newbie, I got much confusion about link building. Also I faced some problems in doing proper on-page seo stuff, English grammar etc. But when we keep on going, you’ll definitely learn all these mistakes. There are tons of blog posts in Google search about our queries, so we have to read all those and improve ourselves day-by-day.

And I’ve seen that most of the new bies will make some mistakes in link building, on-page seo etc. For on-page seo, they will spam the keywords in the blog post which is completely against the seo rules. So writing quality posts with some good keyword density is more important here. Also we should build relavant backlinks only (from our niche).

Your daily strategies, tools if any that helps in your daily blogging.

A) Strategies? Ahh!! I just use some normal strategies only like google analytics, google webmasters,, etc. I don’t use much tools ‘coz I’m meeting all the basic requirements from the above strategies list which I said. When I get more traffic, then I need to use some professional tools to monitor my site carefully!!

Things you come across letting you learn something!

A) The first and foremost thing is English Grammar. Actually, I’m poor in grammar. So for the first five months I wrote my blog posts with bad grammar. So all the times I use to get google adsense rejected and when I ask some adsense experts, they reviewed my site and told me that my English is too weak. Then I’ve realized that thing and started rectifying my grammar mistakes. Still I’ve to learn so much in English subject in order to become a professional English writer.

Second thing is, at beginning I thought that blogging-websites are only meant for earning money. But later I realized that Blogging is professional teaching where we teach for the whole word. So we should write good quality posts and do proper on-page seo so that our posts will appear in 1st page page of google search and readers will read our post and hence we become a good teacher.

Third thing is, at beginning, I thought that we should write blog posts ‘only in this way or that way like other bloggers do’, but I was wrong, later I realized that we should write blog posts in our own style following on-page seo rules. So we should write whatever we feel in our heart so that it looks more friendly way, interesting for our readers.

How much time for a new bie is worth to give on blogs? What are your views about spending time in a new blog especially for a new blogger?

A) There is no such time limit as per my view. But make sure that you spend upto 1hr per day when you are newbie. You have to learn all basics like linkbuilding, promoting, on-page seo, social bookmarking, usage of google webmaster tools, checking backlinks etc etc topics.

See, it takes much time for a new bie to become a pro. So you should be patient all the times. Mostly all bloggers won’t earn much for their first year! When days passes, you will learn more things if you are dedicated to blogging. You should observe the google algorithms carefully and you should always be updated with the new algorithms.

So what I say is don’t start blogging for only earning money, instead start blogging for teaching the things which you wanna say perfectly. Write for your readers but not for google bots 😛

Source of Earning or monetization for emerging bloggers, and failure that loses their confidence if any!

A) Hmm, there are many sources to earn money in blogging field. Some famous sources are google adsense, sponosred posts (paid), paid banner advertising etc.

Most of the bloggers lose confidence when adsense gets rejected. See, adsense is not the only way to earn money, it’s just a part of earning money. When you get more traffic, you can give your ad slots for paid banner advertising which will give you more money than adsense 😛

When you get more traffic, you will get paid sponsored posts too. So make sure that your site Domain authority, Page authority is high to attract the sponsors for paid posts. ‘Coz now-a-days, a blog overall performance is calculated by Domain authority (Da) only as page rank is dead!!

Your views on Reason to strive thrive blogging after repeated failures while some leaving it!

A) With my personal experience I’m saying this, do not leave blogging when you get more failures ‘coz you should always remember one thing that “Failures are the stepping stones of Success”. The more times you fail, is the more times you can learn all the mistakes which leads to become a failure. So you will come with good solutions for upcoming bloggers.

One big advantage of blogging is, when you a become a pro blogger, you can money via your life time. You can start more new sites to earn money, or you can charge money for developing some cilents websites, or you can charge money for teaching the seo basics to cilents etc etc. So you can keep this blogging as a part time job to earn money for your life time.

Below are the things which I learnt and Every newbie must be aware of, though Avinash has disclosed in details but here is a small brief wrap up!

1) If you are really serious about becoming a pro blogger, then make sure that you write posts without any grammatical errors.

2) Always keep in mind that if you write english-rich posts, you’ll get adsense approval easy!! Also this makes visitors to feel your website as pro website.

3) Always be patient regarding good results. ‘Cause it takes some time to get your posts re-indexed at google 1st page.

4) If you aim to get your posts indexed at 1st page of google search, then make sure that you write posts containing 500+ word count. The more lengthy post you write is the more chances to get your post  indexed at 1st position of search engines 1st page ’cause if you write lengthy post, then there will be more targeted keywords present in your post which will help you to rank better!! But sometimes writing too much lengthy post will create bad impression for some readers as they will leave your post because it looks too big to read. So make sure that you think in a smart way while writing a post.

5) Always write what you feel in heart. Never copy any posts/images from other sites. If you are really serious about taking some paras or images from other blog, then make sure that you give them proper credits.

6) Learn proper seo techniques and implement that carefully. Never go for blackhat things.

Well this is new, we’ll discuss about blackhat some other day for now I guess this interview will let you understand how the thing works. How you can cope up and get resolved.

Well Avinash Thank You for being blogger here! I’d a great time interviewing you in bloggerhere, where blogger meets the blogger!

Over To you

So dear blogger’here hope you enjoyed the second interview. It’d too shared the real blogging experience of another blogger to catch the pace of blogging. If you have any queries about blogging or any experience do share with us here in commet section below, we would love to help you the best we can  🙂


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  1. Hi Aproov and Avinash

    This is another great interview.

    I was able to learn a whole lot. I am glad to see bloggers that are working towards teaching others and making an impact.

    It is great to meet Avinash in this blog and he has achieved so much and really has done so much in the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Aproov for a great share.

  2. I am superexcited to read the interview because i too am a blogger. I am also serious about my blogging prefession. I have high ambitions.
    One of my ambition is to have you on my interview for my blog at bloggerhere.

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