What do we mean by blog, blogging bloggers Blogosphere!

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A general question about blog. Well Hello blogger’s here!As scheduled I’m a little late to start with bloggerhere sorry for the delay. Nevertheless when you wake it’s morning! and its never too late to start! So in this introductory post I will be putting some lights on What do we mean by blog, blogging bloggers Blogosphere! and their basics so before we go further lets know what these three term means, how they are related interpreted used in daily by a blogger. As when i started blogging I had no idea about these terms so as you and many young emerging bloggers doesn’t know much about these terms in detail. But now quite many are clear about these term as they might have done researches short of however below is something what I felt and acknowledged by my blogging experience which I’m going to share with you.

So what do we actually mean by Blog!

What is a blog also known as weblog since it has been derived form weblog only, according to me a blog is platform where a writer writes his or her thoughts updates news, articles, about any topic which is comfortable in letting spread the knowledge on regular intervals. A blog is thus a regularly updated website with the content as per writers or readers demand. So a blog is very influential platform to keep you thoughts to a large audience or to make them aware of new upcoming things which you are aware of not all the people around world or your point of view to see things your perspective that could drive reader to come to your blog to gain some info. So basically a blog is simply a site a platform where knowledge information is dispersed to audience that we know that we don’t know.

How to make a blog? Which blogging platform ? Well we will discuss this later. The next question is who is a blogger. A blogger is the owner of the blog who maintains it updates it the way he or she wished. One who design the way his or her blog should like. A blogger is a person who is solemnly responsible for everything it does in his blog. Provided if a single owner blog.

Now what is blogging, I guess by now you are clear with the term blogging if not than I’ll tell you. Blogging means the  process of setting up a blog maintaining updating regularly this whole process can be termed as blogging.

Now comes Blogosphere which is community of all blogs since all the blogs  blogs are on the internet by definition, they may be seen as interconnected and socially networked, through blogrolls, comments, linkbacks (refbacks, trackbacks or pingbacks) and backlinks. So the blogosphere is one of the important aspect in blogging field that much be take care of.

So guys blogging is immense. It’s something related to hobby need of user reader. Moreover it is interconnected interlinked so you never know when it may be useful or helpful.

Well by now I hope you are aware of these four keywords. If I missed something don’t hesitate instead feel free to share in comments. Your views are valuable for BloggerHere and me ! :)


Apoorv Agrawal

Apoorv means one who has not been before so I am! Being a student trying my level best to be a blogger with an aim to help everyone I can :) is where I would love to review and interview !

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