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SEO Vs Social Media

SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization if often compared with Social Media sites when it comes to ranking of a website plus generating traffic all together. SEO is still one of the best most used seo strategies and services by online marketing agency that gives boost to your websites ranking in google search engine. However with passing time and more Evolution of new social networking sites, the ranking of website through social media is gaining more popularity. Especially for small business or local businesses who can’t afford expensive seo services.

Let’s Find out who has the winning edge in 2019 when it comes to ranking a website on google or bing search engines, you can read these 7 simple ways to improve seo of your blog.

Is SEO better or Social Media dominates ?

First of all, SEO is a broad concept which need to follow some search engine optimisation strategy for automation for effective conversion. On the other hand social media is all about conversions through conversations.

There are other seo strategy like On Page seo, web page the basic is aim of seo optimisation to make post or site algorithms friendly so that it can help in organic traffic for conversion of sale

Second SEOs are one-sided, while social media marketing is not just about communication and sales, it is also about listening to consumers their demand and behavior. And if you listen to the consumer, you know what to answer. By responding, you also get to build trust between you and your customers.

Thirdly, social networking is all about sharing. The more you share, open, and get involved, the more you get success. On the other hand SEO is about keeping your SEO techniques and SEO content to yourself. This makes SEO more complex and competitive, as you have to look for seo keywords, while the other is simple, comfortable, engaging and friendly.

It can be said about SEO that it is Return On Investment, ROI. If you do SEO, there is no other benefit than increased traffic that would convert to be considered successful in sales when you apply for programs like Adsense ads or affiliate marketing. While Social Media optimization is more focused on quick conversion of sales in less time with engaging audience to build trust and authority as a brand.

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